The Club,Sikh United Melbourne Club(SUMC), re- established themselves in 2007 and has never looked back after that despite ups and downs.

SUMC members are educated and experienced,with each of them holding a good position in the community. The club has healthy ethos and culture. All the members see themselves as a part of the community with their part of duties and responsibilities,communicating always with the players and taking personal interest in their health & welfare. All the young members are playing good role on their behalf by training hard and playing competitively. At present,SUMC Volleyball teams are at their best, deserving a whole lot of accolades.

The club is now also focusing on Basketball,Badminton,Cricket,Netball and Athletics as well. We have recently started concentrating on junior players as well to ensure that the game is continued from generation to generation, the elders passing on the baton to the younger. The club is glad to note that the children are taking immense interest in the games. They are participating in their weekly training sessions with great zeal. Their hard work is sure to earn them success as we extend our heartiest wishes for the same.

Under the dynamic leadership of Manjot Singh(President), the players are being motivated to perform at their best, leading the team to achieve success a number of times. With the coaching skills of Major Singh(Senior Coach volleyball), the players are improving and honing their skills each time they are out on the court. The results speak for themselves.

Sikh United Melbourne's Achievements:
Australian Sikh 21st Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2008
Australian Sikh 22nd Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2009
Australian Sikh 23rd Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2010
Australian Sikh 24th Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2011
Australian Sikh 25th Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2012
Australian Sikh 26th Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2013
Australian Sikh 27th Games - RUNNER UPS  - 2014
Australian Sikh 28th Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2015
Australian Sikh 29th Games - CHAMPIONS   - 2016
Australian Sikh 30th Games - RUNNER UPS  - 2017
Australian Sikh 31st Games - CHAMPIONS    - 2018

Australian Sikh 30th Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2017
Australian Sikh 31st Games - SEMI FINALIST - 2018

Thanks to all players for putting in their best and bringing pride to SUMC. Wish you all success every time.

Sikh United participates in around 4 tournaments all over Australia and New Zealand every year. This involves a lot of expenses in running all these teams and participation in tournaments. SUMC relies heavily on the generosity of our sponsors. We thank wholeheartedly all our sponsors, supporters and our community for their untiring & unconditional support.

We also thank all our committee members for their great efforts.